By Lord King Llamas

It frequently appears
But sometimes it disappears,
It is sometimes confusing
So no need for tears.

It might be fake
So stand up and overcome the quake
Fight that shake off
So turn that on

No need to die
For you not to cry.
We have family, friends who shared
So that you could be cared.



By Julio Miguel Dumanguing

You are beautiful like a dove
Heaven-sent from above.
You’re always there with the things I can’t deal
The pain I have you’re there to heal.

How can I truly thank you, mother
For showing me love like no other
If I could give you, a thing that’s true
It’s my life Mom for loving you.

You assure me that I’m not alone
Strength and support you’ve always shown.
You’ve given me all your best,
Thank you God I’m truly blessed.


Love Letter


You are as beautiful as day, as shiny as the night
I can’t remove you away from my sight
Wish you were here, wish you were with me
I really like your harmonious beauty.

Every day I dream of you.
I wish that all my dreams will come true
Oh, dear, oh dear, my lovely dear,
Your glamorous beauty is so rare.

Mom and daughter embracing in love and looking at ocean view together

Bosconian Odyssey, Vol. 18 (No. 1), December 2016: 28.