By Reiner Montero

It spreads through the earth
It is keeps everyone alive.
Its roots spread below the earth.
So green, so tall, and beautiful
Yet so still, shady and mysterious.
It can tell so many stories
Yet stories that cannot be told
Dances with the wind
With its leaves and branches waving
When sunlight doesn’t shine bright.
It strives to live
Stretching to the direction of the sun
It is beautiful in so many ways.
The trees are the sun’s and water’s piece of art
A piece of art that defines the daily
Environment and situation of a place.
It makes me so happy
I always feel it keeps me alive.
It makes me strive for more
Every day, every hour, every minute
It is always what I think about.
It is something that makes me
Or tells to keep living
It is something that tells me
To have an adventure
It tells me to know more, discover more.


Bosconian Odyssey, Vol. 18 (No. 1), December 2016: 29.