By Dennison Rhys Larrobis
Staff Writer / Grade 6

Every day in my life,
I always dream of passing by
The library of my dreams
That gives me glee.
I dream of a library of many stories,
Arranged in its proper categories
Giving me joy as I read;
lending more joy to come.
I dream of a still library;
No discordant sounds to be heard,
But only mute flapping of pages
Clamor and outcry are misfits,
Unless I go away from it,
That’s when I’ll miss the soothing balm of calmness.
I dream of a library with a splendid librarian,
Who has everything in his fingertips;
Someone wiser than the most,
Who makes my life easier,
And gives me a lot fun.
That library is what I dream of,
A place I will always love;
Now I say goodbye
For this poem will now pass by.


Bosconian Odyssey, Vol. 18 (No. 1), December 2016: 29.