By Christian Robic M. Hermosa
Associate Editor / Grade 11

When one is young, specifically a child, one is shaded from the outside realm by a preventive shield of bewilderment, unknowing-ness, and vanity. One could clearly say that the youth’s favorite mantra would be “Ignorance is bliss.”

Life is all candies, games, crayons, rainbows, and construction paper objects. It is the only genuine time in this changing world when one can live without hatred, loathing, or the ongoing fear of tomorrow or none of it. Or change.

Only during these delicate simplistic moments, it is decided that when the sun sets it will rise up as dawn and bring us on a new tomorrow.


Unfortunately, they do not really see all of these during later years, when the flash of reality blinks up in their minds to shatter the imaginative, innocent and wonderful days of yesterday.

Young people have undeniably amazing mindsets — their creativeness, their laughs, and their so-called “stupidity.” All these are what makes a young person awesome. The problem is they are strong yet they are weak, due to the fact that they can be influenced easily.


Young people are often misguided by their actions because of what they see from grown-ups or from other people; they can follow anyone’s footsteps without the right knowledge. Their minds are still in the process of being molded until such time that they will have much more to grasp and experience in this wheel of life.

They are important to God, so they are important in this world. He knows that they are still being formed. He sees that young people are searching for a sense of belonging. He knows everything about young people, searching for a sense of belonging. He knows everything about young people, all of their aspects and traits, strengths and weakness, and He loves them.


But the struggle still lies within their palms. He is blurry in their vision. Regardless of all their hardships and problems, what they need most is Jesus’ love. This is the reason why Mama Mary showed up in Don Bosco’s dream, to be his mission, to be guiding light of the youth towards the right path, towards the light of change.

To my dear fellow youth and readers, I have a challenge for you. Never let fear overpower your hearts. Never think about its cataclysm; instead, its blessings. Treat everyone as a friend, as a part of your family.

Run, jump, shout but do not let temptations set foot in your soul. Be kind and generous. Live a simple life.

Never let fear overpower your hearts.


Bosconian Odyssey, Vol. 18 (No. 1), December 2016: 26.