Love is in the air;love-is-in-the-air
It shines bright like a flare.
Couples hang out
When they kiss, people shout.

Go out on a date.
It’s destiny’s fate.
Watch the moonlight,
Shining bright in the night.

Visit each other’s houses,
parents won’t even
Ask for their blessing;
Their future is shining.

“Will you marry me?”
Think of the future you ‘ll see.
“I will pronounce you
man and wife.”
They will have a wonderful life,
Environment and situation of a place.

It makes me so happy,love-is-in-the-air-4
I always feel like it is what
Keeps me alive.
It makes me strive for more.

Every day, every hour,
every minute,
It is always what I think about
It is something that makes me
Or tells to keep living..

It is something that tells me
To have an adventure.
It tells me to know more, discover more.


Bosconian Odyssey, Vol. 18 (No. 1), December 2016: 28.