Alumni pool resources to energize sports program

By Angelo Domini B. Nuñez
News Editor / Grade 11

In the latest Cesafi Basketball League, teams returned to the hard court better and stronger. As the competition heated up, the teams gunned for wins to make it to the next round of the competition.

But unlike the previous five seasons, one team rose from oblivion and emerged as one to watch — the Don Bosco Greywolves.

The 2016 season came as a new hope.

Coach Britt Reroma
Coach Britt Reroma

With new coaching staff overseen by winning coach Britt Carlo Reroma, a veteran Greywolves point guard, and new players added to their roster, the chances for Don Bosco to win games increased.

Michael Hussain
Michael Hussain

Led by King Michael Najarro Hussain, president of the Don Bosco Cebu Alumni, Inc. (DBCAI), Bosconian past pupils joined forces and contributed resources to put life back in the school’s basketball program and gain back the glory of the 90’s and other seasons.

With alumni basketball supporters Vincent Raymund Lucero Escobido and Richieboy Mercado and the support of DBTC vice president for education and training Fr. Noel Sebetero, SDB, their aim is to bring the Greywolves back to their former glory.

Escobido & Mercado
Escobido & Mercado

With God’s blessings, as the new season started, their intent and efforts were not put to waste as the Wolves capitalized their first four games and immediately rose to the top of the league. Making it to the quarterfinals, the best was already good enough.

It’s wonderful to think that after all those years of being the easiest team to demolish in any tournament, the Wolves have finally made their presence felt once again. In the past seasons, participating schools like USC, USJR and UV wouldn’t break a sweat in defeating them.

They have proven that they are no longer the team the other schools once knew as unchallenging.

But now, the Wolves stood their ground and defend themselves from these teams. They have proven that they are no longer the team the other schools once knew as unchallenging.

bball3The hard work bore fruit. It didn’t just take one day to make it all happen, it took a long period of time and dedication to be able to put up such marvelous results.

It needed the cooperation of the alumni, the school administrators, the coaches and the players, of course.

The whole process of revolutionizing the basketball program of DBTC needed the funds, the training and the drive of everyone involved. These factors, put all together, summed up to the advancement of the basketball program.

Although the Wolves fell short in the quarterfinals, it was already an achievement to have made it that far with such an improved standing in the league.

The Wolves have indeed improved but there is always room for improvement. In the upcoming seasons, expect that they will strive harder in trying to attain the goal of making it into the farthest level of the competition.

bball1The latest season was a lesson, a stepping stone and a test drive to see how much the playing field has risen. The next season will hopefully be where the flower fully blooms. We still don’t know. Maybe next year will be their return to the finals. There will definitely be more to see in the next season.

This is only the beginning. You will absolutely see the Wolves again and by the next time a lot stronger. If the Wolves made it that far in the first wave of improvement, how much more when it goes beyond it?

With a strong will and God by their side, a trip to the finals await the Wolves. It won’t be long until they make it back to the top at this pace. As long as they keep moving forward, they will make it there.

Gradually, the Don Bosco Technical College Greywolves will sit back in their throne with pride yet with humility and regain their former glory.

Because they fear no hardship!