Community Day is not just a day celebrating our Fr. President’s Birthday, but also a Gratitude Day to our Educative Pastoral Community especially to its faculty, staff and the Salesians working hand-in-hand to give the best experience a Bosconian needs in his educational stay here in DBTC.

Every year, it has been a tradition for Bosconians to joyously celebrate the birthday of their dear school president and to give gratitude to the Educative Pastoral Community through a program held at the school’s New Gym.

However, Community Day 2019 would be a day that starts the final chapter in our school’s history as for the last time, Rev. Fr. Honesto Geronimo Jr., SDB would celebrate his birthday as President of DBTC-Cebu together with its Educative Pastoral Community. The community in which he humbly served for the past 9 years.

Our school president celebrated his 62nd Birthday with a Hawaiian theme, a bit simple from the Naruto-themed birthday during his first term. The celebration started after the prayer of the Stations of the Cross led by our Vice-President for Pastoral Animation, Rev. Fr. John Vernil Lopez,SDB. Afterwards, a short break where Bosconians changed to their Hawaiian/Floral Attire. After the break, the program began with Fr. Nioret being escorted from the old seminary building to the New Gym. Usually, the school president is escorted by CAT officers. However, since this is his last term as school president, other organizations like the DBARC, the Scouts and the ERT also joined in escorting the school president.

Upon entering, Fr. Nioret is greeted with cheers and upon sitting down on his “throne”, the show started. Song and dance presentations from our students of the BED, College, TVED and Faculty then followed, but the most emotional part is the closing remarks of our school president where in one part he sang “Remember Me” by Iñigo Pascual, the theme song of the Disney animated film, “Coco”. Then the giving of gifts to the school president where in our Grade 10 students presented him with a water gun. This is presented upon him as a replacement of the spray bottle in which he used to spray water on non-attentive students in his classes. At the end of the program, huge honor guard composed of out CAT Officers and Applicants, Members of the DBARC, ERT and scouts lined up the route to the gym’s exit to salute the school president for the last time.

The whole school was finally dismissed at 12 noon while the Faculty and Staff had their own Celebration of Community Day at the School’s Audio Visual Room.