The Fun Run is an annual event that is part of the Family Day activities. This year, it was held on January 26, a Saturday. It was divided into four categories. Students of grades 1-3, required to be accompanied by their parent or guardian, were to complete the 3k run; grades 4-6 with their respective parent or guardian ran 6k. Grades 7-9 ran 9k, while grades 10-12 completed the 12k run. But of course, not only the students participated in the event, many Salesians, Salesian educators, employees and staff also participated in the event, choosing the route they personally preferred. Many of the notable priests of DBTC were even running the 12k route.

The event started off, as usual, with an assembly quadrangle, and soon after, a stretching session, so as to not hurt ourselves during the run. After which, all of the participants proceeded to the front gate, where the run soon starts.

And of course, even though the run was during the early morning, when the roads are mostly safe, the runners still had to take precautions, so as to not get into accidents while on the run. To further encourage this, the Cebu City Traffic Operations Management, A.K.A CITOM, were present in certain points of the routes to protect the runners. After all, we have to follow ‘safety first’.

And of course, this was also a competition between the athletes of DBTC, and here are the 1st place finishers:
1st Place: Allister Louis M. Manlosa, Grade 6
1st Place: MJ Tigmo, Grade 8
1st Place: Will Denver Obedencio, Grade 10

It was a very exciting and wonderful event for all of us and we’ll surely be looking forward to the next DBTC Fun Run.