Otakufest, an event that was conceptualized in UP (University of the Philippines) for geeks since 2007 has become the most significant and grandest hobbies convention in this part of the country specifically in Cebu since its first season. Otakufest features a variety of booths and activities for pop culture fans to enjoy, from K-pop and anime to comics and video games. During these events, the thing that usually stands out and matters the most are the community; such are the geeks, otakus, gamers, cosplayers, etc.

Last February 23 and 24 at SM Seaside Cebu maze garden, was where Otakufest 2019 was held. A colleague of mine told me that before the event even started, the line for tickets and entrance “were seriously long,” and lucky for those he said who preordered the tickets online, they had the privilege to enter the venue early and cut through the long line. In the end, it was worth the wait. During the event, we got to see some cool stuff inside the venue such as figurine collections, Artist booths, Anime and K-pop merch, lightsaber tournaments, Japanese singing competitions, Ramen-eating competitions, and of course cosplayers!

Cosplayers, they are people who wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. They bring life to your favorite cartoon, anime and video game characters. They bring joy to kids and adults alike that share a similar interest to those characters. And here we have a few Bosconian cosplayers who also participated in the event, and here are a few quotes they gave us.

“As a Bosconian, cosplay is a hobby in making costumes, make up skits, join events and gatherings that is related to anime, games, and more”

-Ichiki Nazuto Yu

“Cosplaying is for everyone. Height, age, size it doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun.”

-Zee Zee

“If DBTC is a technical school, what if there’ll be someone making a mechanically-made cosplay like Hulk Buster?”.

-Tomo Ichigawa

“Cosplaying is for everyone to try, and always be creative. And lastly, have a baguette.”

-Anansi Calypso

On the side note our previous DBTC rector Rev.Fr. Honesto Geronimo Jr.,SDB was also an otaku and is a fan of the anime series “Naruto”, he even showed episodes of the anime every week in AVR during lunch breaks. Last Otakufest 2019, Fr. Honesto also went to Otakufest 2019, he entered the venue and was escorted around the convention by the “Baguette Brigade” and a fellow other Bosconians, while he was escorted other Bosconians new and old went up to him and greeted him and some had short chats with him, it was a sight to see a lot of Bosconians gather around in the convention for their rector.

The point is Otakufest and other hobbies conventions, are events wherein in people can be themselves and show their passion of what they love through cosplay, art, sharing or chatting, singing, dancing etc. These events gather people which share common interests thus helping them meet and create new bonds or friendships, it gives a chance to show ourselves of who we are and to what we love to others. This is one of the reasons why Otakufest was created, created by geeks for geeks.

“Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter”

-Marrisa Mayer