DBTC, Cebu City (August 2, 2019)The Old Canteen is back and is expected to resume its regular services when the new school year begins on Aug. 7.

Today, the operator Jayan’s Catering of 1988 alumnus Naluin Castro conducted a dry run with teachers and school personnel on duty and a few Bosconians and some parents who happened to be here.

Ma’am. Delia observes the dry run.

DBTC Rector Fr. Fidel Ma. D. Orendain, SDB, Ph.D. personally observed the dry run with Eng’r. Delia Atanacio and Sir Ranilo “Tata” Camacho, TVEd director, who the new school president assigned for canteen development.

“We undertook this dry run to critique the food and for us to undertake a time and motion study so that our concessionaire would make sure it will be able to serve the Bosconians seamlessly,” said Atanacio, DBTC external affairs officer.

Lining up for lunch.

The “old canteen,” well beloved by Bosconians in yesteryear, is located at the former junior brotherhood seminary building beside the Tambasia Soccer Field. The building opened in 1982 and has since served as quarters of our Salesian formators and, some years after, as boarding house until today.

Here, the stall marked Canteen 1 will serve freshly baked bread and pastries, Canteen 2 for all drinks, Canteen 3 for ice cream and desserts, and Canteens 4 and 5 for a different variety of main course food with nutritional value and fruits.

“Hmm, which will I choose.”

The concessionaire will still sell food at the satellite canteens located at the new gym entrance and near the chapel beside the Buhisan back gate.

“We also intend to operate a Food Mobile, an etrike that will go around and sell food within the campus,” disclosed Castro, adding that another etrike will collect disposables from food packaging.

“What’s cookin’?”

The new main canteen will adopt a self-service “eat, clean and go” system, The Bosconian Odyssey learned.

As those who will buy food will be served with a food tray and a pair of spoon and fork, they will have to return these to designated counters after cleaning the table where they ate, it was observed today.


With the re-opening of the “old canteen,” a number of past and present Bosconians brought to fore memories when they shared the post about this development in the Facebook Page of this publication, and when it earlier posted a teaser.

“Here’s your order!”

In reminiscing the past, they recalled how “the old canteen” came to be a place where they would eat and bond with each other during break time. It has also been a subject of memes.

The Odyssey learned that the new school administration moved the canteen back to its previous location in response to feedback from students regarding the amount, quality and price of the food they bought from what was then the Brother Bern’s Canteen.

This place will soon house the DBTC Science and Technology Hub.

Sir Tata Camacho (middle) observes the mess hall.