Drive towards technopreneurship,
innovation excite Bosconians

DBTC, Cebu City (August 8, 2019)Bosconians got excited while challenged when Fr. Fidel Ma. D. Orendain, SDB, Ph.D. underscored his thrust towards technopreneurship and innovation.

The new Rector and School President made known his drive to go full throttle to achieve the mid-term goal of DBTC by 2023 when he also officially opened School Year 2019-2020 this morning.

During the hour-long opening program at the big gym (then referred to as new gym), the school introduced the updated line-up of teachers from kindergarten to college, technical instructors and non-teaching staff.

A video presentation of initial changes and improvements within the school campus that Bosconian Odyssey staff produced kicked off the program, and ended with the talk of the school president.

Fr. Fidel’s message set the tone of what DBTC will be from hereon with more focus now on Science and Technology in an environment that would stimulate the students’ innovative minds.


Driven by the school motto Ardua non Timeo, “Fear No Hardships,” he underscored three D’s that should always guide every Bosconian every day. These are: Discipline, Determination and Dedication.

In Discipline, Fr. Fidel emphasized on order and cleanliness in the classrooms, all offices, throughout the campus and even in every Bosconian’s home.

With Determination, he said the students will be indoctrinated in exercising will power and gaining confidence.

And finally, with regards to Dedication, he said DBTC will inculcate among Bosconians the sense of duty and the propensity to take initiatives in given circumstances.


On top of the 3D’s, Fr. Fidel said DBTC will mold Bosconians to become like St. John Bosco, “Dreamers,” students with ambition to become young technopreneurs and innovators.

In fact, he said, what used to be Bro. Berns canteen will be transformed into a hub, an incubator where Bosconians can spark and cultivate their ideas for Science and Technological innovations.

Tentatively referred to as IdeaSpace, he invited the Bosconians to suggest to him a name for the hub.

With the school’s thrust, the school president emphasized on the New Paradigm that Bosconians will from hereon adhere to.

“As Dreamers, here in Don Bosco, we explore, we design, we invent, we innovate and, more importantly, we build,” declared Fr. Fidel.

Who knows that in time DBTC Cebu will produce students with the needed aptitude and valuable insights that could respond to calls for innovation like one just made by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the US.