By Andre Bryce Ranile
News and Features Editor / Grade 12

St. John Bosco has always taught his boys to “Run, jump, shout, but do not sin.” He has become a guide and an example to every youth in the world; he has taught us to do whatever we can to become leaders in our own way, to pray daily, and to become Bosconians who are close to God.

All of his followers, such as Dominic Savio and Michael Rua, remember his story in their hearts. It is because of this deep remembrance that the life of Don Bosco remains with the younger Bosconians until the present times, feeling and experiencing his presence just as how his loyal followers felt and witnessed his life-changing lessons back then.

His life and the great example that he has given to his boys will always be recalled because his family – all Bosconians, Salesians of Don Bosco, and Salesian educators – never ceased to give tribute to him, especially during the 72nd Founder’s Week in DBTC-Cebu on January 2020. 

Inside the school campus, all Bosconians participated in the four-day Novena Mass, truly feeling and reflecting on the teachings he has left his boys. 

Each day marked an opportunity for every student to show how they relive the spirit of Don Bosco by doing their ordinary duties extraordinarily well through the different activities and events prepared in honor of the Father and Teacher of Youth.

On the first day, Bosconians exhibited their exceptional talents through the band and singing competitions.  Students in the Basic Education Department also delivered amazing and heart-stopping performances per year level in the Dance Palabas.

Schools and other educational institutions were invited inside the school grounds during the second and third day of the week to view the different exhibits that showcased the diverse products and outputs made by Bosconian hands. Booths and exciting activities were also prepared to ensure that guests will be kept entertained and looking for more exceptional hosting from students in DBTC.

The awareness and care of the Bosconians for the environment was also shown during the fourth day through the T.R.E.E.S. Greening Program spearheaded by the school’s Bosconian Environmental Advocates for Protection and Solutions (BEAPS). Each student in the school expressed their love for nature by planting and nurturing their own tree saplings for the purpose of growing more trees in the school grounds.

On the fifth day, employees and students alike enjoyed a day of sportsmanship through the sportsfest finals and the intramurals championship. Different sports such as volleyball, football, scrabble and chess gave Bosconians and Salesian educators a chance to have some friendly competition among themselves.

A Grand Mass and tribute in honor of Don Bosco was celebrated later in the evening with different astounding and heartfelt performances from selected Bosconians and Salesians of Don Bosco, along with some local talents which ended the week with a celebration worth remembering.