By Luiz Benedict Belotindos
Associate Editor / Grade 12

As the Corona Virus confines us locked in our own homes, the biggest question that is in the minds of everyone during these weary times is, “When will this pandemic end?”.

Although it may seem that the end of this pandemic is still a pipe dream, it does not eradicate the fact that this too shall pass.

According to studies conducted by The Infographics Show taken from an article written by Ed Yong, there are 3 possible ways that this pandemic may end; each possibility has its own characteristics and outcome which would depend on how everyone responds to this pandemic.

The first mentioned possibility of how it may end is the “unlikely way”; it portrays the event in which everyone cleans up their act and numerous countries partake in doing their part to mitigate the casualties this pandemic may ought to bring.

In this situation, it is likely that the virus may disappear with or without a vaccine, all because the virus was mitigated in the most efficient way possible by the means of immediate contact tracing the infected or even asymptomatic patients to proper exhibition of social distancing, lockdown measures, and by proper sanitation.

This possibility is the happy ending everyone would have wanted, however, at this stage of the current situation in this pandemic, there is little to no chance of this happening, making this scenario a pipe dream which lives up to its name. 

Another possibility mentioned of how it may end is the “dangerous way”; it is by far the quickest but most dreadful possibility of how it may be eradicated. In this scenario, we can depict countries having an indifferent approach to the pandemic due to several reasons, most likely a need for economic recuperation, lack of efficient countermeasures to the pandemic, civil unrest and etc.

Here we can observe cities bustling with people as if the idea of this pandemic isn’t in their heads with the notion that even if there is a virus plaguing the world, they can still live a normal life embracing the “new normal”.

This may lead to an outstanding number of Coronavirus cases, overwhelming healthcare institutions who are likely unable to cope up with catering the infected due to the lack of staff and equipment.

However, this may result to the population acquiring herd immunity which is the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a populace that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease by the production of the right antibodies which will counter the virus, this way the pandemic would end without the need for a vaccine but at the cost of  an unimaginable death toll.

The last possibility of how this pandemic may end is the “safe way”; this by far is the most realistic, safest but lethargic occurrence of how it may subside.

In that concept, the pandemic is treated similarly to how a COVID patient is. Treating the condition symptomatically while the immune system fights off the virus up until a vaccine is produced.

Everyone is ought to be following lockdown protocols to minimize the number of cases from the population up until a vaccine is finally mass-produced. As this may take an estimate of 12-18 or even more months to achieve, following this set-up results in a lesser death toll at the price of a beat-up economy and long unending days of home quarantine.

Nevertheless, although it may seem like the end is like a needle in a haystack, let us never forget that there is still an end to these restless times.

Let us do our part in keeping ourselves safe for the sake of others as not being infected is already a great asset which may result in the ending we all hope for.

Someday, time will come that we all can fill the streets of the city, bringing back society’s bustling buzz and enjoying the vibrant city lights while making memories with the people who are dearest to us. But for now, let us do our part in solving this pandemic by simply staying in our homes and keeping ourselves healthy so that we can survive this chaos and live to tell the tale of how we became heroes just by staying indoors.