Since the beginning, it has been the Bosconian Odyssey’s role to serve as DBTC-Cebu’s student media organization, primarily through publications. 

Since its reactivation and restructuring in 2016, the organization has expanded its reach into the internet and social media through its dynamic multi-media system. 

With such an advantage, the Odyssey has proved itself flexible to any situation most especially in dealing with the current issue of the Coronavirus pandemic which had dictated the shift of school and work from physical to distanced through online. 

Despite the inconveniences brought forth by the pandemic, the Odyssey pledged to keep Bosconians company as this crisis progresses; boosting their morale with the continuous publication of the school magazine with new and improved content ranging from memes, to comic strips and activities, as well as news and feature articles which showcase the newly acquired skills Bosconians made during the quarantine period which involves various modes of sports and arts.

However, due to current limitations brought forth by the current situation, the Odyssey hopes to publish its publication online, as well as to explore other modes of keeping up with the latest trends by use of infographics and digital art to be posted on its social media portals and soon, more video content to promote positive change and social awareness.

The Odyssey also hopes to produce another episode of Balitang Bosco; its video news program, after nearly three years since the last. This time experimenting on other methods besides video such as audio broadcasting through podcasts

Given such developments, the Bosconian Odyssey is not only prepared to cater towards the community’s needs in the current mode of work, but is also ready to face a more technologically dependent world in the future and to fulfill the needs of the next generation of Bosconians and aspiring campus journalists.