By Luiz Benedict Belotindos
Associate Editor / Grade 12

Seeing flocks of cyclists stream through the buzzing busy streets and spotting trailers delving deep into the rough mountain tracks, whether it be night or day, rain or shine, is a proliferating trend which also is very appealing, attracting many rookies to join in this particular hobby.

Which makes us wonder, what really has made this trend rise to popularity recently?

Cycling has many disciplines, but nevertheless, they have one thing in common, they lead us somewhere. It gives us the opportunity to explore many places we thought were familiar to us, and it also allows us to discover magnificent sceneries which makes us appreciate the beauty of the outside world.

Along with that notion, it gives us the chance to spend time with friends, make memories along the rides, and more importantly have a great time. It also gives a therapeutic benefit of relieving stress, as it gives us a break from the problems and issues one faces; it allows one to forget the responsibilities and enjoy the pleasure of feeling the bliss of being free.

Since its recent rise to popularity, this hobby has acquired many enthusiasts; creating a culture encompassing the courteousness and sociable aspects which notably mark a person as a cyclist.

One great example is how one must greet a fellow cyclist and the staple of knowing one another through a simple conversation. This allows people to become more sociable and open to the community.

Let us not forget the physical health advantages we benefit from it. Many of these are increased cardiovascular fitness, improved joint mobility, improved posture and coordination, strengthened bones, decreased body fats level, decreased stress levels, and many more to mention.

It is very understandable why Cycling has become a popular hit among people who seek adventure. It has many benefits physically, mentally and even socially, which help develop an interactive community and more importantly a sociable individual.

Nevertheless, for those who haven’t experienced cycling, Sarah Bentley, a British cyclist reminds us that “You are only one ride away from a good mood”.