By Luiz Benedict Belotindos
Associate Editor / Grade 12

  1. Set your schedule.

Setting your schedule is very important as it allows you to plan ahead of time the things you need to do at a specific time; by practicing this, we have a sense of order in which we are knowledgeable of what to do.

  1. Put everything you need in one place.

Sometimes, looking for stuff we need for a certain subject or for the next class consumes a lot of time and delays us from what we need to attend to at the moment. Therefore, putting what you would need for online classes in one place saves you time and the hassle of locating your needed materials.

  1. Do tasks early.

Doing tasks earlier and submitting them before the  due dates do not only negate the possibility of piled up tasks but also gives us high grades. Given that it was made with effort and submitted  early, these are often rewarded with bonus points depending on the discretion of the teacher.

  1. Freshen up.

Preparing yourself for the next class allows us to feel more comfortable and makes us more attentive and less lousy in the  succeeding scheduled meets. We need not really to take a bath but, by simply washing our face or brushing our teeth and even combing our hair makes us feel refreshed. 

  1. Take frequent breaks.

Giving yourself a break isn’t illegal at all; in fact, the brain functions better whenever it is well rested. Giving ourselves frequent breaks not only relaxes us but also gives us a sound mind allowing us to learn more and  to think more efficiently.

  1. Have emergency snacks ready.

There are really instances when we do not have the chance to eat,  perhaps due to our hectic schedules or simply because of how busy we get. Therefore, setting aside  snacks that do not quickly spoil, such as biscuits and chips, allowing us to fill up our stomachs without the  inconvenience of preparing a meal.

  1. Always keep your goal in mind

Setting goals or knowing what you want to accomplish before the day ends is important
as it makes you realize the different possibilities of what you are able to achieve and
guide your actions towards the goal you want to achieve, making your actions rational
and reasonable.

  1. Double check your progress

There are several instances when we often forget to submit work that we have already
finished, making our submission tardy even if it was finished at an earlier time. Other
factors are also to blame like the internet connection and etc., needless to say
reviewing your progress is important to know your status regarding your outputs and