An important organization in a school is its Student Government. It plays a role in leading students with the teachers and administration as their guide, and also promote leadership among the students and mold them to become leaders of tomorrow.

As school year 2020-2021 has started at Don Bosco Technical College – Cebu, Inc., positions in the Supreme Student Government are open for passionate leaders the student body will choose to usher the year with Discipline, Dedication and Determination even through online means.

CRAFT Partylist leader Lexus Miñoza introduces her party at the commencement of the 2019 DBTC-SSG Elections Campaign Period. (File Photo)

A party in contention is CRAFT, which stands for Credible, Responsible Action Takers for Future Transformation. It is a group of talented individuals accustomed to leadership roles who aim for excellence despite these weary times. Their motto coincides with their objective, “In pursuit to serve the youth.” They mean to create ideas and opportunities for the youth, and advocate a better future for them.

They are confident in their roles as leaders, having previous experiences as a class officer, club leader and having served the SSG before. They acquired the skills to lead a pack to greatness. Along with this comes their burning desire to govern the student institution towards a productive year and a hopeful future that will drive their tenacity to attain their objectives for DBTC.

With that notion, CRAFT strongly believes that it can accomplish these through unity, keeping in mind that its resolve depends on its frontline members’ ability to work together with courage and enthusiasm, willing to take risks in order to achieve the path they deem the best for Don Bosco Cebu.

Members of the CRAFT Partylist introduce their party’s platforms for the school year to a class. (File Photo)

In preparing themselves for leadership roles in the future, CRAFT members who will serve in the SSG seek for opportunity to learn to be better, from planning to execution and practice servant-leadership to inspire other Bosconians to follow their footsteps.

Great leaders do not only pave the way to brilliance but also craft people like them, declared party members.