The pandemic the country is facing today is affecting many organizations and people. It deprived the students of an appropriate learning environment and the facilities of their school. Students are affected with their lack of ability to reach out to their teachers. It has changed their ways in a distressing way.

But with every turnabout and troubles are heroes who are dedicated and willing to serve, reach out and help those in need.


BUGSAY Party leader Joseph Christian Contreras introduces his party to a class during the 2019 DBTC-SSG Elections Campaign Period. (File Photo)


The BUGSAY party list is a God fearing and compassionate circle of responsible individuals who see the light in even the darkest tunnels. Party members assess every situation, and believe in the good of every undertaking. They believe that a good school has a good Student Government that yearns the success of the institution and its students, and the future that they will encounter.

The party stands by a vision for a better tomorrow, ready to deal with dire situations such as the pandemic besetting the country. Party members adjust and cooperate with each other, even in tough circumstances.

They believe that moral character, enthusiasm, mental care, and the love for and faith in God are keys to fight against any danger. They believe that rules and regulations stated in the DBTC student handbook should be upheld in a strong desire to build good character.


Candidates from the BUGSAY Partylist pose for a group photo during the commencement of the 2019 DBTC-SSG Elections Campaign Period. (File Photo)


They are committed to design and implement policies for the welfare of the students, protect and promote the students’ rightful interests, and use online platforms to communicate and interact with the students. They believe in many ways to overcome any situation. That is just scratching the surface of their ideology.

No matter the situation, BUGSAY thinks there is solution in all troubles, and treats these as opportunities to improve and further face challenges ahead. There is no other better thing to do, they believe, but to build courage and paddle the rough currents with the youth. They strive for excellence in their journey to serve.