By: John Arnold Ologuin
Former Video News Director / Batch 2020

How is one supposed to feel about these recent events? Quite frankly, I do not know. The pandemic shook society and affected the way of life of every person on this planet. Regardless of one’s state of living or one’s wealth, everyone is affected, which is quite the humbling experience.

For a short while, money did not seem to matter all that much, and health became the utmost priority. Establishments had to close, hospitals became battlegrounds and the essential workers such as grocery clerks and delivery personnel are now the individuals doing the heavy lifting to uphold the basic needs of everyone.

As a graduating Grade 12 student with less than half a semester left, I have a lot to look forward to. However, this is somewhat disappointing. It may sound selfish, but I am pretty sure plenty others share the same sentiment.

A seemingly short but extremely precious part of our lives is being or rather “has already been” taken away from us and there is literally nothing we can do about it. We were still able to finish the remainder of our school year behind closed doors but just as previously said, we are not able to interact and study like before while “behind closed doors”.

The absence of a graduation and a final outing or other similar events only adds up to the list of regrets that everyone in the batch probably feels. 

It was quite the letdown to be forced to spend the remaining days of our high school life at home through online classes and virtual materials. It is a huge disappointment to be unable to spend the last couple of months in Senior High with friends, doing stuff together, making unforgettable memories, and the experience of work immersion.

Everything I have said are but my pessimisms and sentiments and there are also a handful of good things that we get to experience because of this pandemic, but this “free time” really could have been spent in a much more productive and fun manner.

All things said, we know deep down there was nothing we could do and that this was the best course of action during this crisis. However, even the force of circumstance cannot influence the regrets and letdowns to leave everyone’s mind.

At the end of the day, things have passed and will continue to pass, sooner or later we will also move on through this pandemic, through this “letdown”.