By Luiz Benedict Belotindos
Associate Editor / Grade 12

Clubs are a staple in Bosconian culture; we can still even see surprisingly this at a time where it could be deemed realistically impossible.

As Don Bosco Technical College – Cebu Inc. pushes forward with the online academic school year 2020 – 2021, the Salesian Youth Movement ensures the active presence of club meetings in order to keep the burning drive of the Bosconians to socialize and spread holiness to their fellow peers at these suppressing times.

Each meeting is scheduled twice a week on Saturdays and may also differ depending on the sodality’s protocol; with varying, creative, and intuitive activities every session.

DBTC cannot be as productive as it is without its sodalities, as these are the workforce which allows the institution to host religious events like weekly bible sharings, weekly rosary livestreams, open forums, and elective salesianity for the young in order to deepen their faith amidst these hard times and more importantly, promote the Bosconian culture even in a situation where exhibiting these could be considered a pipe dream.

The SYM committee also has many proposed activities which will surely give interest to this school year, like a livestream concert, altarina contest, Holyween, bible quizzes, mental health formations and many more.

These formations give the students an opportunity to use their time in a productive way which is one tactic of Don Bosco to prevent his boys from committing sin and to attain the benefit of learning something new. Moreover, these also play a major role in instilling leadership skills to the students, molding Bosconaian leaders for generations to come.

Yet, there are many challenges that hinder the SYM in conducting these sessions like internet connectivity, participation of club members, tight hectic schedules, and many other issues that online meetings are prone to. But then again, this doesn’t falter the burning desire of the SYM committee to serve the youth, it even pushes them to be more creative and resourceful in their execution of the said activity.

This proactiveness amongst the young has truly proved that the spirit of Don Bosco is within us, through the efforts of countless volunteers who wish to fulfill his legacy in bringing the youth towards Christ. With this, it is really worth mentioning that Don Bosco lives on.