By Luiz Benedict Belotindos
Associate Editor / Grade 12

Clips of short videos showing people dancing to a line of a song or them just goofing around  floods every social media platform, making Tiktok videos has been a recent trend especially among the teens.

The question is, “What makes it so appealing to the youngsters of today?”. What gives them the audacity and energy to publicly create and post these videos of them dancing short choreographies online?

According to some, making these is a great way to kill time, especially in our current situation where we are considered prisoners in our own home. It somewhat soothes them from feeling homesick every now and then, allowing them to at least make use of their time rather than being idle.

Aside from that, Tiktok is a rising social media platform which attracts dance enthusiasts due to the popular habit of people posting dances tempting others to do the same. With that notion, another explanation of its prominence is that many people engage in this activity because a lot of people in this generation love dancing.

It is not only a social media platform which solely revolves around entertainment but, is also a platform wherein one may learn a thing or two. It specifically has content which is informative and educates patrons expanding their knowledge and making them aware of the current issues the world is currently facing, making it not only a center for amusement but also for information.