By Marc Zachary Maniwang
Staff Writer

Diamonds are the most precious jewel in our planet. Have you ever wondered how they are formed?

Did you know that one of the most valuable minerals on earth was once one of the most common elements? How does that one element turn into one of the most valuable stones in the planet?

As humans, do you think we could ever become successful? Have you ever thought that we have the ability to change from being an ordinary civilian to an extraordinary one?

When will we, common elements, become bright and glittering diamonds?

Carbon is one of the most basic elements; it is a common element found in many things such as coal, natural gases, and, more relevantly, in diamonds. Carbon could have turned into any of the following examples, but what makes it different from it transforming into coal rather than a diamond?

Coal is made when dead plants decay and turn into peat for a certain amount of time, whilst diamonds are formed under extreme conditions deep within the Earth’s crust for billions of years specifically, by the presence of intense pressure within the Earth’s surface.

The same can be said to us human beings.

Do we have to go through extreme pressures to become like diamonds? The answer is simply a yes.

Many successful people have been through an awful lot of difficulties and obstacles in their lives. Their success stems from the hard work and sacrifices they had to commit to, as the saying goes, “the process is what makes the results possible”.

We all can say that things aren’t really as they seem and that we should not let our past or present determine our future and more importantly who we are, as we all are still in the process of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Let us not give up on certain instances where we sometimes doubt our own capabilities rather, let us transcend and overcome the many problems life throws at us and like diamonds we need extreme pressure to improve ourselves holistically through persevering amidst the chaos.

We must always remember that, we are what we have been through.