By Nathanael Owen Aguas
Copy Editor / Grade 9

I’m fairly certain that a substantial lot of us have heard once or twice in our lives the saying: “The only way out of rock bottom is straight up”.

Perhaps you’ve heard it from your cherished cartoons when you were a child or  maybe a dear relative; nonetheless, this particular quote right here could easily correlate with the primordial principles of the elusive secret to success. 

Now the intricate concept of the fundamentals in striving for success is certainly daunting and as is evidently challenging. For many of us, we desire a lavish and prosperous lifestyle, the absolute pinnacle of the term “successful”.

Now I’m certain that some of you are already asking: How exactly does “Rock Bottom” contribute to the fundamentals of the key to success? First, allow me to elaborate on what exactly do we interpret with the term “Rock Bottom”.

We’ve all had our fair share of differences and troublesome conundrums that life indiscriminately hurls at us from time to time and frankly, a good lot of those times, no matter the condition, we’ve had our periods of utter disarray or uncertainty within ourselves and often attributes to recurring episodes of despondence especially amongst adolescents.

We’ve all had our ordeals that one way or another lead us astray. This my dear readers is what we would call “Rock Bottom”. 

Our lowest and most depressing point in our lives, we label as “Rock Bottom”. With this abrupt and fairly dramatic change in our lives, we realize that to traverse through the thresholds and surmount the challenges of life and earn the degree of success.

We are required to be resilient and persistent. Life is certainly not easy and it harbors many distinct and unanticipated challenges that awaits us. It acts as a wake up call which allows us to strive for a better and brighter lifestyle.

This sudden rush and perspective doesn’t simply come instantaneously however. For others it may take years to finally discern the nature and mechanics of life. It’s truly a remarkable feat to remain firmly planted against the harsh winds of life.

Jack Ma, the Co-Founder of the Alibaba Group, one of the most prosperous online marketing industries in China suffered numerous ordeals to procure his position today.

From living off on such a meager paycheck, being rejected and ridiculed countless times that his idea wouldn’t push through. He was indifferent to all negative treatment, hit rock bottom numerous times and still persisted through. Look at him now, regarded as one of the richest men in China. 

You see dear readers, to reach rock bottom in and of itself could either be interpreted as a curse or a blessing. It initially gives us great angst and to some, has attributed to such great loss. But for you to reach the stars and grab hold of the destiny that lines the blanket of space awaiting your grasp, it requires us to soar higher than the clouds.

Every so often we fall back down to earth but always bear in mind that with every skill and with every accomplishment. There always lies the stepping stones which we call our failures.

Rock bottom is the foundation for which success is grown and where lives are irrevocably changed for better or for worse. It’s upon you if you desire to reach the ever bright stars that line the sky and soar higher than the clouds.

Always remember that “the only way out of rock bottom is straight up”.