By Fr. Keith Amodia, SDB
Contributing / BED Pastoral Animator

It is in moments of crisis that true leaders are found. People stepping up to the challenge in order to guide and to inspire are the golden product of the furnace of challenges. In the COVID-19 pandemic, can we find such leaders among our Bosconians?

The oratory that St. John Bosco nurtured two centuries ago, encouraged a culture of leadership that serves and leads out of a conviction of faith and love. It is this core of leadership, an integral part of what we call ‘servant leadership’ that DBTC wishes to inculcate in students who step up to become leaders in their sections and clubs.

Leaders are not born, they are made. They can be made in the image of Jesus, the true Servant Leader. They can also be made in the image of St. John Bosco, the apostle to the young. In these convictions, the school strives to educate our learners in the art and service of Christian and Bosconian leadership.

Bosconian leadership has its own quality, its own brand that flows from the identity and spirit that has been handed on to us, first from our father and founder St. John Bosco, and passed on through generations of Salesians and Bosconians alike.

We are a result of a culture shaped by the testament and example of service shown by Bosconians and saints past. The leadership that we promote is not generic, nor is it purely eclectic, drawn from ‘fashionable’ leadership of today. Instead, it is a leadership that grew out of our identity and Bosconian culture. We lead in a way that St. John Bosco dreamt of.

The Pastoral Office, despite the challenges that the pandemic and its social restrictions have brought, has organized these formation sessions for our learners.

On November 30, 2020, through videoconferencing, leaders elected and appointed came together for a Google Meet session with Fr. Rector to talk about Bosconian leadership molded by the motto ‘Ardua non Timeo’ and shaped by the values of the school.

This is the first of the series of formations that our leaders will receive not only to prepare them for the task of leading their own fellow Bosconians, but also to prepare them for life.

The lack of face-to-face interaction has pushed our Bosconian leaders to think of creative ways in keeping youth group life alive.

Our SYM leaders regularly hold online and virtual group meetings with their clubs every Saturday. They do what they can in making sure that Bosconians enjoy the fellowship, formation, worship and service experiences of group life.

The Supreme Student Council organized a donation drive to help our countrymen who suffered the floods of Isabela and Cagayan.

These are but some of the new ways in which our Bosconian leaders responded to the call of the times. Formal formation sessions on Bosconian leadership are important but the pandemic has also been formative too.

We hope and pray that at the end of these challenging times we will have Bosconian leaders who are well formed both by the spirit and teaching of the school but at the same time by passing through the furnace of challenges in these trying times.