A two-day event that featured the creativity, talent and hard work of Bosconians through the art of filmmaking. Despite the numerous restrictions, they still managed to produce amazing films that not only astonished the teachers but numerous online viewers as well.

HarMuni Indak Week 2020 is the first online concert DBTC has ever hosted which featured many talents and events, with the film fest being one of the main highlights. The event showcased various films the Grade 11 students were tasked to produce.

Each class was divided into two groups and were assigned a story as reference to help them create a movie adaptation out of it, with the condition that no one should meet up in real life. Given the following restrictions, they utilized various techniques and resources to achieve a cinematic effect for their films with astonishing end results.

Most of the groups chose to produce their films in a real-life setting utilizing various techniques in acting, background selection, and editing to make it seem as if they were in the same set during a specific scene.

Some even went to such lengths with their props by adding blood, unique costumes, and even a live chicken!

The other groups, on the other hand, chose to produce their films using video games and animation. With games such as Minecraft and AdventureQuest3D, they used the ability to manipulate the environment of the set, add structures, modifications and costumes for their characters, giving them the freedom to achieve the ideal scene they want.

One of the groups also made a full-blown animation scene to blend with their live action film.

Truly, this shows not only the Grade 11 students’ passion for acting and filmmaking but also the creativity, resourcefulness and spirit of a Bosconian; and that is to fear no hardships even in the face of countless challenges.

To those who are interested in watching the films for themselves, you may search on Facebook the keywords “HarMuni Concert DBTC.” You will be given the option to watch the Day 1 and 2 premiers of each film.