By Freitz Neil Asensi
Copy Editor / Grade 9

We experience many things as we journey on in our lives; and we would still want to attain more.

Everyone has a dream they would want to achieve in life. As a student, I face hurdles  each day, especially when it comes to school work and deadlines. Well, not just me, but almost everyone also experienced being beset by  troublesome deadlines that chase us. 

One day, the world suddenly stopped without warning — everything started falling apart. It felt like our small happiness only lasted for an hour until this Pandemic arrived.

Everyone was unprepared for this new normal, frontliners had to be separated from their families to save other people’s lives. Workers stopped going out to work in order to  avoid contracting the virus; so they had to work from home instead. I never expected something like this to happen.

For the first time, DBTC conducted online classes  as a  safety precaution for the school employees and students. In the early weeks, many of us were not used to this new adjustment in our lives.

If school before the pandemic was hard, virtual or distance learning was definitely harder, due to the fact that we are learning in a new environment that we are unfamiliar with.

t worried me, but then I came across the quote: “Negative thoughts make a negative reality.”, with that, I realized that I am not going to win this if I don’t work hard. We should be confident that we will be able to overcome this.

I prayed to God, with my family, for this crisis to end in the earliest  possible time. We must always put in our minds that a day without God is just like a day without food or water. Therefore, we must have a strong relationship with God and trust that  anything is possible with Him.

Whenever we lose hope let us not give in to despair but rather turn to Him for guidance and strength in order to live on and be resilient during these difficult times.

Despite the circumstances we are all in, we must get up and continue moving forward. We must choose to be steadfast in pursuing our goals and not let our troubles decide the direction of our lives.

As a learner studying in an online environment, although how tiring and problematic distance learning may seem, I choose to do my best in all my endeavors. To wake up early in the morning and be ready for my upcoming classes, to study alone independently without depending on others in understanding my lessons, and to not make excuses in fulfilling the activities I need to submit.

This deathless hardship should not be an impediment to us from accomplishing our dreams. We might not be used to it, but we know we can get through it. Life invariably has those unexpected astonishments.

We are the ones left to decide on the uncountable and risky choices in our life. Whatever we do and whatever happens to us, life goes on., That is why we should be prepared for  any circumstance that may unexpectedly happen.