By Adrian James Reyes
Staff Writer / Grade 12

As Bosconians, we are called to become good Christians and honest citizens like how Don Bosco wants us to be. To do that, we need to have a strong commitment, faith, and resiliency to persevere no matter how hard our life gets.

In this article, you will learn the many things Don Bosco had to sacrifice and work for just for the sake of his boys: the sleepless nights due to work, the doubters who discriminated him and believed that he could not do accomplish his dream of bringing the boys back to God, and those who were jealous because of how he handled certain matters so efficiently.

When John Bosco was 15 years old, his mother sent him to live with a good family  in order  for him to be able to go to school. Due to constraints inside his home because of his stepbrother, he was forced to be separated from his family to pursue his dream of studying.

Alone, he managed to find part-time jobs just so that he could provide for himself. Later on, when he became a priest, most people eyed Don Bosco’s boys as a dangerous, half-baked army of the children of the people, headed by an ambitious priest.

But in reality, this tired, penniless priest sought only a chance to bring God’s peace and order to the hearts of the restless youth.

Whenever he had nothing to do, he occupied his time with the boys’ activities and joined in to play as they entertained themselves. But most of the time, he often had to be carried home; more than once, he fell asleep fully dressed, kneeling at his bedside.

For many years he slept only five hours a night, skipping a night each week. After a day of physical work, he would spend the quiet hours of the night penning letters to friends for aid, sending letters of comfort to those who begged for his prayers, and writing books on mathematics, literature, the Bible, and Church history for boys.

Lastly, at the time when he was instructed to construct the Basilica of Mary in Turin, he was poor and had only a little amount to pay for the construction; so he  worked on the Basilica construction himself.

It was because of his strong faith in God and his love for Mother Mary that God would provide and work miracles in his life.

As Bosconians, it is very difficult to live up to the expectations of the people around us because of the example that has been set to us before by the many countless magnanimous Salesians and Bosconians. But like Don Bosco, they had to  work themselves to the bone for others and showed that, through hard work, they became successful and achieved what he wanted.

Don Bosco wants us not only to be good but to become extraordinary in our ordinary duties throughout our lives.